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Get to Know Emerald’s Water Dispenser
Filtration System

Experience unrivaled cleanliness & superior taste.

1. Performance Filtration

OWith EmeraldhWATER+, your tap water goes through a sediment filter,

2. Addback

Essential electrolytes and minerals are added back to your filtered water

3. UV Technology

AIn addition to water filtration, many Emerald Q-Series machines.

4. Product Protection

As another line of defense, water dispenser filtration systems from Emerald

The emeraldWATER+ Difference

Watch this videoto learn more about quenchWATER+ and our approach to reverse osmosis filtration.

Emerald E4

With reverse osmosis (RO) filtration, this model offers touchless dispensing and is best for small offices and low-traffic areas.

Emerald E5

This model is a popular choice among businesses looking to place a hydration station in medium-sized offices and break rooms. Available as a countertop or freestanding machine, the Emerald Q5 provides paddle dispensing and an RO option.

Emerald E8

With similar features to our Emerald Q5 model, this machine differentiates itself with touchless dispensing ‚ÄĒ perfect for businesses with a high volume of employees to serve.

Emerald E12

This sleek model offers touchless dispensing and is ideal for distribution facilities and high-traffic areas. With an option for ambient water, in addition to cold and hot water, this choice also comes with the RO filtration system.

We understand that every business has unique requirements, and with so many options, deciding can be overwhelming. This is why we've developed a product finder tool to simplify the process of finding a suitable beverage machine for you.

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