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The monthly rate will vary depending on the model, features and capacity, but are as low as $1.50/day.

Emerald Water's purification technology reduces bacteria by 99.99% by removing all metals, pharmaceuticals, lead, mercury, arsenic, viruses and is 100% BPA FREE.

Our customers typically save AT LEAST 50%, but could easily be 100% or GREATER if you have a lot of employees or patrons ‚Äď when switching from plastic bottled
water, canned seltzer or still & sparkling bottled water

Once you start using Emerald Water, you will never need to buy water again. Our water systems are attached to your buildings water source, giving you a never ending flow of BPA FREE, purified water.


  • As much as 70% of all bottled water sold in the United States is exempt from FDA Standards; 40% of all bottled water comes from a city water system.
  • 86% of plastic water bottles become garbage or litter in the U.S.
  • Millions of gallons of fuel are wasted every day transporting water across America.
  • Massive amounts of greenhouse gases are produced from manufacturing plastic bottles.


  • BPA, the compound used in most plastic, can leach into water and cause various diseases.
  • Water stored in plastic bottles for 10 weeks was found to contain hormone-damaging phthalates.
  • 32% of bottled water coolers contain live bacteria.
  • Certain bottled water brands included pollutants common in urban wastewater.

Our water systems dispense ambient, cold, hot & sparkling water.

*Some models dispense vitamin & caffeine enhancements.

Our coffee systems dispense Cold Brew, Nitro Cold brew, Espresso, Latte Macchiato, Coffee Crema, Mochaccino, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Mocha, Americano and hot water for tea.

All maintenance and repairs for your system is under FULL WARRANTY and 100% FREE.

Our in-house technicians will help you with all your cleaning and sanitization needs.

Filter change will vary depending on how often the system is used, but to maintain the highest quality of water, it is recommended to replace your filter every 6 months, or when you notice a decrease in flow rate.


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