We at Emerald Water have years of industry proficiency. With our extensive knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to help provide bottleless water purification solutions to meet all needs.


With an ever-growing client base, Emerald Water is fast becoming synonymous with sustainable purified drinking water. We stand behind every single placed system, and hold ourselves personally accountable to each of our customers.


Emerald Water’s Operations Department is fully dedicated to providing an unmatched customer service experience. All service calls are answered within 24 hours.


With a skilled in-house team of technicians, and backed by a national service provider, Emerald Water is able to complete any installation no matter the location or difficulty.

Company Overview

Emerald Water is a New York City based company specializing in water purification systems. With an extensive portfolio of products, including a variety of water options, we make clean, healthy, great tasting drinking water available to everyone in the tri-state area, and throughout the country.

We at Emerald Water are extremely passionate about the benefits of our water purification systems. These advantages include eliminating environmentally-damaging bottled water (both plastic and glass), reducing costs for our customers, as well as providing the cleanest, healthiest drinking water possible.


Our principle objectives are twofold: to be the leading provider of the cleanest, healthiest, most convenient drinking water available, and to promote eco-friendly, sustainable solutions.