Go Bottleless!

Reasons to Eliminate Plastic Bottles

As much as 70% of all bottled water sold in the United States is exempt from FDA Standards; 40% of all bottled water comes from a city water system.

Environmental Issues

Plastic Bottles are destroying the Earth.
• More than 29 billion plastic bottles are made every year in the United States.
• 86% of plastic water bottles become garbage or litter in the U.S.
• Millions of gallons of fuel are wasted every day transporting water across America.
• Massive amounts of greenhouse gases are produced from manufacturing plastic bottles.

Health Issues

Bottled Water is a largely unregulated industry, with questionable water quality.
• Certain bottled water brands included pollutants common in urban wastewater
• BPA, the compound used in most plastic, can leach into water and cause various diseases.
• Water stored in plastic bottles for 10 weeks was found to contain
hormone-damaging phthalates.
• 32% of bottled water coolers contain live bacteria.

Financial Issues

Our customers typically save at least 50% when switching from bottled water
• The cost of bottled water includes bottle manufacturing, water processing, delivery service and fuel.
• Bottled water prices rise over time, as reflected in inflation.
• The more bottled water consumed, the more money spent.

Convenience Issues

Emerald Water’s systems are simple and hassle-free. Never again run out of water or deal with unknown delivery people.
• Storing plastic bottled water wastes space.
• Ordering and dealing with bottle delivery/transportation wastes time and money
• Disinfecting inside the cooler after every bottle change is an enormous hassle, and hazardous if not performed
• Lifting heavy bottles (weighing 42 lbs) is potentially dangerous and extremely inconvenient.
• Bottled water can run out, especially during peak summer months when hydration is most crucial.
• Allowing delivery people access to your home or office poses a potential security risk.

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